Travertine Tile in Renton, WA Provides Design Alternatives

by | Apr 19, 2014 | Countertop Store

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Today’s home design professionals routinely install a wide variety of tile products throughout area homes and businesses. Different tiles are recommended for specific uses, and different patterns or colors are needed to achieve special effects. Because of the many options available, making the correct tile choice can be difficult. Area professionals like Tile Lines ( take the worry about selecting the best options by listening to the specific needs and recommending only tiles that are appropriate.

Many experts turn to travertine tile in Renton, WA, as an option for floors, backsplashes and around fireplace. About the only place travertine tile is not recommended is for kitchen counters, as the acids in a number of foods can cause staining or etching of the tiles. In other areas, travertine tiles have shown remarkable durability with minimal care.

Travertine tile in Renton, WA, is available in colors ranging from neutrals, like beige shades, to bolder colors like reds or golds. The many shapes and sizes now being sold also mean the tiles are appropriate for everything from floors, where large tiles are often used, to chair rails or other trims, when smaller sizes and shapes are considered desirable. Given the many colors offered, accents in different colors are often used to enhance the over-all design scheme envisioned.

The tile is available in both unfilled and filled forms. The filled and polished styles show scratches more easily, but they do not hide dust as much as unfilled, or tumbled styles. Consultants know and understand the pros and cons of different styles, and work with designers, contractors and homeowners to determine which tiles are best for different spaces. Visit their website

To protect the product, providers of travertine tile in Renton, WA, recommend a sealer be applied. Quality sealers will keep the tile looking new for years, as they prevent staining from spills and from normal traffic. Since not all sealers are created equal, ask for recommendations from tile company representatives.

Working with a professional to select the best tile options not only increases the chances of a final product that looks good, it also helps to guarantee the correct type of tile is used for each area of the home or business. Tile experts provide a wealth of information for selecting, installing and maintaining tile products. Click here

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