Transport your Vehicle with a Top Rated Driveaway Company

by | Jun 4, 2013 | Business

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Transporting You Vehicle(s)

Having to transport your vehicle or multiple vehicles can be an unexpected expense. If you are moving, purchase a vehicle online or just need to get your company vehicles from one place to another you are going to have to find a way to get them there. If you own a company with a fleet of commercial vehicles such as dump trucks, concrete haulers or vehicles that contain hazardous materials you will need to find someone certified to transport the vehicles as well. Shipping vehicles on a trailer takes a lot of time and is the most expensive way to get your vehicles from point A to point B. There is a cheaper option though. Hiring a driveaway company is cost effective and takes less time than hauling by trailer.

Driveaway Benefits

When you use a driveaway service a driver will come to your location and drive the vehicle where ever you want it to go. With a car shipment company you have to take it to their company base, find a way back home, wait until they have enough cars on the trailer to make the trip economical and wait for your vehicle while the other cars are delivered to their destination. There really is no telling how long it will take for your car to be delivered. With a quality driveaway company they come to you and drive the vehicle straight to the destination. You know exactly when to expect the vehicle so it can be there when you need it to be.

Driveaway Cons

If you hire a top of the line driveaway company there shouldn’t be any cons to the process. However, if you don’t do your due diligence and research you could end up with a company that doesn’t have reliable or trustworthy drivers. You need to verify that they have enough insurance to cover an accident and that their drivers are certified and licensed to drive the type of vehicle you need relocated. Check their past customer testimonials both on their website and elsewhere to see if they have any repeat complaints. Keep in mind that even though driveaway services are often cheaper than shipping on a trailer, the trip will put miles on the vehicle and normal wear from the trip.

Contact ATC Driveaway for top quality driveaway service. Whether it’s one vehicle or an entire fleet of commercial vehicles they can transport on time every time.



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