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Top Tips to Follow When Choosing the Best Pet Groomer in Loveland

Your pet is a beloved member of your family, and just like the rest of your family, you want the very best for them. With all of the different pet groomers out there, it can be a daunting task to find the best one who can handle your grooming needs. Here are the best tips to follow when choosing the best pet groomer in Loveland.

Always Ask Around

You can try asking your local veterinarian if they recommend any specific groomers, such as Dogs’ Own Grooming and Grooming School, but some offices won’t recommend specific ones. If your vet’s office follows that policy, you can still find ways around getting a specific recommendation. One way is to ask very specific questions about the groomer you are considering, such as if they have treated any dogs for injuries.

Another way to find the best pet groomer in Loveland is to ask different pet owners who they recommend. Community forums are a great place to go to get recommendations and ideas on who to stay away from. You can also ask people where they go if you happen to see a dog with a style you like.

Call and Talk with the Groomer

Make it a point to talk to the pet groomer that you are considering. Just be aware that they might have to call you back, as they are often busy grooming other people’s pets throughout the day. When talking to them, ask questions about their experience with certain breeds, how much experience they have, are they certified, or do they belong to a grooming organization, and more.

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