Top Signs You Need A St. Paul Workers’ Compensation Attorney Jan09


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Top Signs You Need A St. Paul Workers’ Compensation Attorney

In many cases, employees that are injured on the job with very mild injuries where there is no long-term disability, or significant medical expenses do not need the services of a workers’ compensation attorney in St. Paul. All the employee needs to do is submit the required notification of the injury to the employer in the stipulated time and file the claim paperwork.

The vast majority of employers are very fair about providing their employees with the compensation due after a claim. However, there are some telltale signs employees in St. Paul needs to be aware of that signal the need for a workers’ compensation attorney.

IME Concerns

In Minnesota, an IME or independent medical examination can be requested by an employer or an insurer. This is a stipulated doctor who examines the injured individual. If the IME has a different result than the doctor treating you for the injury, contacting a workers’ compensation attorney is important immediately.

Many businesses and insurers have a reputation for using specific doctors to deny claims. By working with an experienced attorney, the correct evidence can be provided to offset these types of issues.

Past History of Problems

Typically, employers that fight these types of claims or refuse to cover all the medical costs in an accident or injury have a reputation for this type of behavior. If coworkers provide you with this information, or you know about it personally, talk to a lawyer before filing the claim.

Slow or No Payments

There are very specific deadlines and timelines for notifying the employer of the injury, filing the workers’ compensation claim, for the employer to notify the insurance company and for the insurance company to pay.

If there is a delay in the process or you are not getting answers about when the payment is to start or when the lump payment is to arrive, contact an attorney.

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