Top 5 Indian Wedding Card Trends

by | Jul 16, 2014 | Weddings

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The Indian wedding card is a long-standing tradition for Indian weddings, giving guests a first look at the upcoming event. While tradition continues to reign supreme, many brides are choosing to branch out and incorporate some of the newest trends in wedding invitation design. If you are looking for something a little bit different, but still appropriate for your Indian wedding, consider the following trends that are all the rage right now.

Gift Boxes

An invitation to an Indian wedding used to be a simple piece of rectangular paper, but things have changed. Today, more and more brides are choosing to wow their guests with a gift box. These boxes not only hold the pertinent information on an Indian wedding card, but also often include a small token of good will. This signifies an old tradition that you should start a good deed with something sweet, such as a piece of candy or other treat. These gift boxes vary from simple paper boxes to intricate wooden boxes, depending on the bride’s personal taste and budget.

Handmade Cards

Brides who have a real attention to detail are in love with the new trend of handmade cards. Rather than sticking with a generic card, these brides prefer the meticulously crafted cards that are unique and utilize high-quality materials. Some of these cards feature rich textures and eco-friendly materials.

Combining Traditional with Contemporary

In today’s world, many Indian brides prefer the look of the contemporary when paired with the traditional. While an Indian wedding card used to only feature designs and motifs that were strictly Indian, the fusion look combines the new with the old to create a brand new style that is ideal for a wedding that is not as traditional.

Including a Photograph

A traditional wedding card usually features a picture of Radha-Krishna or the Man-Bride, but some couples are choosing to include an engagement picture of themselves on the cards instead. While including deity and religious motifs continues to be a trend, they are often combined with this modern version complete with beautiful photographs of the happy couple.


There is more to a wedding card than just the card itself. The envelope has become almost as important, with many brides choosing to embellish the vehicle that holds the card. Stone carvings, crystals, linings, and ribbon bows are popular choices that add beauty and richness to the card.

No matter what kind of Indian wedding card you choose to use for your event, you can make it personal to fit your own taste and style.

Indian wedding card trends help brides know what is popular and stylish among their peers. Choosing an Indian wedding card that fits the bill can be a good way to create a one-of-a-kind style for your wedding. Visit Website for more details.

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