To Find a Good Criminal Attorney, Cincinnati Residents Should Look for These Characteristics

by | May 9, 2014 | Articles

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A criminal charge may understandably cause a Cincinnati, Ohio resident to feel extremely stressed and uncertain about what the future will bring. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to find a competent criminal attorney. Cincinnati residents who know what kinds of characteristics are beneficial should have much more productive searches. Keep reading to learn a few of the traits that are usually seen in a great legal expert.

Experience in the Field

This is particularly important if you are dealing with a very specific type of charge, and want to know whether a candidate has dealt with similar needs in the past. When approaching a law firm to find a criminal attorney, Cincinnati residents should ask what percentage of time a lawyer has spent representing similar cases, specifically if that legal expert practices in multiple areas of law.

Concern With Your Situation

During your first meeting with a lawyer, it should be fairly easy to determine whether the legal expert seems to genuinely care about how the overall situation is affecting you personally, rather than focusing solely on the charges. When talking with a criminal attorney, Cincinnati residents usually feel much more at ease if they can see how that person is committed to doing everything he or she can to work towards a favorable outcome.

Willingness to Explain Complicated Things

If this is your first instance of being in trouble with the law, the entire process will be very unfamiliar and perhaps even frightening. Any anxiety you feel could be greatly reduced if you take time to find a lawyer who will patiently go over each part of your case and explain what it means in terms you can understand.


When searching for a criminal attorney, individuals must also try and find a person who makes them feel comfortable even when discussing very personal issues. The element of trustworthiness would also be helpful if your case is being presented to a jury, because the jurors will be looking for honesty and trust, as well.

When you make an effort to find a legal expert who has all or most of these characteristics instead of just picking one randomly, it should be much easier to feel that your case is in competent hands, and you’re not facing the future alone.


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