Tips To Saving Money With Home Heating Oil Groton CT

by | Apr 12, 2013 | Oil and Gas

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Oil prices fluctuate constantly, the price of heating oil seems to be rising steadily. There are ways to continue to use Home Heating Oil Groton CT and save money. Following a few basic tips can make all the difference between a high oil bill and a more affordable one.

Few people realize that they can do some very simple things to help lower their energy costs. Start by looking at those gaps in the door. Cold winter air can enter gaps quickly and one of the biggest gaps in any home is usually found at the exterior door. To test how much air your losing light a candle and hold it to the gap in the door. The more the flame flickers the more air you have coming through the gap. Your local hardware store sells weather stripping you can place to seal that gap.

The same test can be done on all windows. Gaps in the windows are going to generally be smaller, but air can still penetrate and with more windows than doors in the average home this can be where most homes allow heat ot escape. Caulking those gaps once found will solve the problem.

Your energy inefficiencies usually don’t stop there. You can call in a service to check the overall efficiency of your home. They can check the insulation in the attic as well as check the rest of the home to see where you are losing heat. Call your local utility company as they often will provide this service for free.

One of the ways you can easily save money on Home Heating Oil Groton CT is by lowering your thermostat. Most people have the setting far too high which wastes energy. Overheating your home serves no purpose, but to waste energy. Upgrade your older thermostat to one of the newer ones. This can save you lots of energy because they can be set to heat your home an hour or so before you get home from work. You can also control them using a smart phone or from your work computer.

There are numerous ways to save money on industrial heating oil costs. Make it a point to check the gaps in windows and doors. Upgrade your thermostat and while you’re at it lower the thermostat so you aren’t overheating your home.

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