Tips on Preparing Air Conditioning Units In Portland Oregon for Summer

When preparing for the hot summer months, one of the most important things a homeowner will want to check for repairs is their Air Conditioning Units In Portland Oregon. Since most air conditioning system will be used almost daily in the summer, it is a good idea to make sure it is in good order and does not require any repairs. By handling this project prior to the start of summer, a homeowner can often avoid the aggravation having a broken cooling system can cause. In addition, many times they will be able to save money by having repairs completed during the off season, rather than in the busy time of the year, when rates can be at a premium.

Most technicians from a company, such as Eastside Heating & Air Conditioning, will want to spend some time checking over the outside component of the system. This is generally found near the house and it houses the condenser and compressor units. The area around this unit should be inspected to ensure no vegetation is growing too close to the unit. In addition, no outdoor furniture or other items should be blocking the air flow around the unit.

Since this portion of Air Conditioning Units In Portland Oregon tends to collect a lot of dirt and other debris from the yard, the technician will want to clean out the housing and make sure all of the debris is removed. This will ensure the flow of air will not be blocked. The technician will then need to begin cleaning the coils. Since the coils surrounding the unit and must be cleaned with water, he or she will spend time covering the motor and other electrical components on the unit to ensure they do not get wet. Once this is done, the coils can be cleaned using a water hose with a high pressure nozzle. The fins on the unit will also need to be cleaned. This is generally done with a soft brush.

After the unit is cleaned, the technician can spend time inspecting the motor on the unit. He or she will be looking for signs of burns or scorches on the unit. The wiring to the unit should also be inspected and replaced if it appear worn or damaged. The fan will need to be inspected and replaced if necessary.