Tips for Planning Outdoor Weddings in Tucson Jan14


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Tips for Planning Outdoor Weddings in Tucson

The perfect wedding is something that most girls dream of all of their lives, and as the outdoor weddings Tucson professionals can tell you, an outdoor venue is a great way to celebrate the union of a lifetime. The one problem that any outdoor weddings Tucson professional can’t predict is the weather. Mother Nature does her own thing, and she doesn’t care if a wedding is planned or not. Below you will find some tips for having the perfect outdoor wedding, no matter what the conditions are.

On a windy day, many people are tempted to cancel their outdoor nuptials. However, there are a few things that you can do to save the day. Place elegant glasses over candles to keep them from blowing out, use a needle, and thread to lightly tack fishing weights to your veil, if you are worried that it will blow around. Make sure to put them where they can’t be seen of course. You can also have ushers set up chairs as the guests arrive, so that they don’t blow over in the wind.
If rain is in the forecast you can rent a tent to move your guests inside. While it’s not the outdoor wedding that you were expecting, it is still better than being in a stuffy hall somewhere. If it rained the night before your wedding, you might want to consider switching your heels for flats, heels tend to sink into wet ground.

On a sunny day, the only thing you should have to worry about is keeping the gnats out of your wedding cake. You will also want to keep foods that spoil easily in the refrigerator until they are needed. If it’s a really hot day, make sure that there are plenty of beverages available to keep your guests from becoming dehydrated. You will also want to consider renting chairs that are not made of metal, as these can burn guests.

Other than having the venue sprayed for gnats and mosquitoes right before the wedding, there isn’t much else you can do to prepare weather-wise for an outdoor wedding.