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Tips on Doing an Open Mic Night at Comedy Clubs in Old Town

Many of biggest comedians and comedic actors in the world got their start by doing open mic nights at comedy clubs. For the most part, an open mic night is a great way for a novice comedian to hone their material and get better at their craft. Even though an open mic night is more laid back than an actual scheduled performance, it will still take preparation and good material to get the reaction and attention you are seeking. The best comedians and performers are always trying to improve their act and are never satisfied until they get it exactly right. The following are a few tips on performing at an open mic night at Comedy Clubs in Old Town.

Write it down

One of the first things that you need to do when you wanting to do an open mic night is to start writing down jokes to try out. The more material that you write down, the more jokes you will have to work into your routine and a great routine is the end goal from doing open mic nights. You want to get a good thirty minute to an hour routine down before you start trying to book gigs of your own.

Practice Makes Perfect

The next tip on performing an open mic night at Comedy Clubs in Old Town is practice the material you write down as much as you can to make sure you get it right the night of your performance. You can perform the material for friends and family to see how funny it is and where you can improve it. Encourage your friends and family to give you feedback on your performance because this is the only way you will be able to master a great routine and get some attention for your comedy.

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