Tips to Make a Sales Call that will Actually Result in a Sale

by | Dec 11, 2014 | Career and Education

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387374_mA huge issue facing modern sales representatives is that today’s buyers are seriously time deprive, savvy when it comes to internet research and inundated with choices and sales people no matter what they happen to be selling. This means that the sales representatives have to take advantage of every single conversation they have, make each word count and find a way to advance their sale.

If your sales team is not yet up to this challenge, then seeking the services of a Chicago Sales Training Consultant may be quite beneficial. The following tools can also help with the process of actually making a sale.

Forget about You

You and your product may be great; however, when you are on a sales call you need to make sure that the buyer is the star. Be sure that you focus on what is in it for them if they purchase your product and you will have a much higher likelihood of success. Keeping the “What’s in it for them” idea at the front of every sales call, then it will be simple for you to plan the conversation you will have.

Be sure to Prep for the Call

If you are like more Sales Professionals, then you are going to be busy running from one meeting to another all day, no matter if they are in person or on the phone. The fact is that most sales reps do not have time to adequately prepare for a sales call, which is probably one of the biggest factors that hurts a potential sale.

However, with the pressure coming from management to make more sales, most sales reps simply want to stay on the phone, taking every opportunity to talk with a potential customer. However, the fact is that if proper preparation is not done, it will seriously hurt your chances of making a sale.

The fact is that sales representatives have to take a new approach to sales calls, or they will suffer in the number of conversions that they are actually able to get. If you are stuck at how to help your business’s sales reps, then hiring a sales training consultant can be extremely beneficial. These are individuals who are professionals when it comes to selling, and provide your reps with the knowledge and tools necessary to close the deal.

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