Tips On Lowering Your Cost For Auto Insurance in Blandon PA

by | Apr 9, 2014 | Insurance

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Many automobile drivers consider auto insurance to be a necessary evil. Although it can be expensive, it’s definitely something worth having if you’re ever in an accident. Most states require drivers to have some kind of insurance for their vehicles. That being said, the best thing to do is pay the lowest you possibly can for your coverage. The following are a few helpful tips that can lower the auto insurance Blandon PA has to offer.

Shopping around is the best way to find low prices. You should shop around every couple of years for better and cheaper rates. Some drivers make the mistake of staying with the same insurance company for years and years. Unless your insurance company is providing you with helpful customer loyalty discounts it’s best to always keep your eyes open for better deals. The companies for auto insurance Blandon PA offers are always competing with each other, so you’re bound to find coverage at a lower rate than you once had.

Consider increasing your deductible. Insurance companies need to find some way to make sure you pay your fair share for being covered. You can either pay increased monthly premiums and a low deductible, or pay lowered monthly premiums and a high deductible; most drivers would prefer the latter. Instead of paying $500 as a deductible, consider increasing this to $1,000 or even $1,500. Increasing your deductible this way can give you a significant discount on the auto insurance Blandon PA offers.

If you’re paying your premiums by the month, you might be making a big mistake. Insurance companies charge their customers a fractional premium fee each time they make a monthly payment. The fees are small — usually around $4 or $5 — but they definitely add up over time. It’s more convenient for some drivers to break their payments up over several months, but this convenience comes at a small price. If you can, avoid these small fees by paying every six months instead.

Follow these tips in order to lower the cost of the auto insurance Blandon PA has available. These small financial moves can really reflect in the cost of your overall insurance.

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