Tips On Inspecting & Maintaining For A DIY Roofer In West Des Moines

by | Dec 10, 2013 | Roofing

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Although you probably don’t notice it as often, the roof of your home is vital to your home’s structure. As a homeowner, maintaining and repairing your roof is very important. Your roof should be inspected by yourself or by a professional once or twice a year. Pay attention to the following tips for inspecting your home’s roof and dealing with certain issues.

For starters, when you inspect your roof there are certain signs you should look for. Pay close attention to the condition of the shingles. Often times, when shingles have aged, they’ll begin to crack and curl. You might also notice a few chipped or missing shingles. If you have a chimney, don’t forget to carefully examine the caulking around it. Overtime, the original caulking will peel and come loose. All of these problems can lead to water leakage if they aren’t addressed. If you notice them, call a professional Roofer in West Des Moines for assistance.

You shouldn’t limit these inspection to simply the exterior of the roof. Signs of a damaged roof can also be seen inside the home. For instance, a leak in your roof will likely cause mold to form in your attic. If you check your attic and you find a damp area, or wood that looks like it’s suffered water damage, you should take immediate action. If you aren’t careful, the ceilings and walls inside of your home could start seeing the same damage. Contact a Roofing Company in Des Moines if water damage has entered your home.

You can take preventative measures by maintaining your home’s roofing. For instance, always make sure your roof is free of debris such as leaves and sticks. This kind of debris tends to trap water, which could cause your shingles to warp. Rodents tend to be a nuisance for roofing material. In order to avoid squirrels and raccoons from gnawing on your shingles, focus on keeping trees from growing along your roofing. Cutting these limbs can also keep trees from lifting and damaging you shingles.

As you can see, regularly maintaining and inspecting your roofing is the best way to keep it intact. Rooftops tend to take a lot of beating, and need some assistance every now and again. Focus on checking for potential water damage, and keeping the area free from limbs and debris. If you notice a problem, consult a Roofer in West Des Moines.

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