Tips for Homeowners on How to Maintain Their San Marcos Heater

by | Apr 10, 2014 | Articles

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Most homeowners know how important it is to have routine maintenance done on their San Marcos Heater on a regular basis. Not only does this type of maintenance help the unit work more effectively, but more efficiently as well. This is because a unit that is not regularly maintained can become extremely dirty. Dirt can cause a variety of problems in the unit, which can lead to parts breaking down and the unit working much harder to operate. When this occurs the unit will draw need more power and this can have a negative impact on the energy costs for the home. While it is generally best to hire a professional to handle the maintenance on a unit, a homeowner can handle some tasks on their own.

One of the most important tasks a homeowner can perform on their unit is checking the air filter on the system. The air filter is generally found on the blower section of the system, which is often located in the attic of the home. Most air filters are housed behind a metal slot in this unit. The air filter is generally easily removed from its spot and this will give the homeowner a chance to inspect the filter. Generally holding the air filter to the light will give a good indication of how much air can pass through the filter. If little light is coming through the filter, it should be replaced with a new filter.

A homeowner may also want to spend some time cleaning the inside and outside of the blower unit on a San Marcos Heater as well. This can easily be done using a shop or home vacuum with a long nozzle attachment. In addition, to vacuuming the dirt from the unit, any vents on the system should also be cleaned out as well. Sometimes a wire brush can be helpful in accomplishing this.

The burner can be checked by switching on the unit at the thermostat. When this is done, the flames on the burner should ignite. These flames can often be seen through the front panel on the unit. If the flames are blue and steady, the burner is in good working order. However, if the flames are flickering or yellow and orange, the unit may be having combustion issues and a repair person from a company, such as Stillman Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. should be contacted.

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