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Tips to Hire A Painting Company in Clarksville

A painting job may be more than just having a brush, a bucket, and a ladder – there are things that you should get correct. You may find that even experienced painters may not be able to tackle some of the complex painting tasks. To get quality painting work and value for your money, you may want to check the painters to see that they are competent enough. You can select your preferred painting company in Clarksville, TN by looking at the following things:

Do a Checkup

A checkup doesn’t mean checking the premises, but screening the painter. See that they have insurance so that they guarantee quality work. General liability insurance helps ensure that in case of damage to your home, they can account for that. Workers’ compensation insurance will ensure that the people working on the project are protected in the event of an injury.

Remember a paint job means someone will be climbing the ladders and they could come tumbling down thus sustaining serious injuries. Ask for some photos of work done to see their quality of painting. When checking the work they have done, look for things like peeling or flaking paint, consistent wear over the surfaces, and cracked glazing compound occurring around windows.

Get the Details of the Contract

If you are hiring a painter, you will need to sign a contractor. This agreement will show the nature and details of the work. Make sure that the price of the project is analyzed to show what it covers and what it doesn’t. In the contract, the painter should mention the preparation method to apply, the paint application method, the quality of materials, and how they will protect your property. Do they clean up after finishing the job?

The Kind of Prep Work

You want to know how the painters will prepare the surfaces they are painting. If they will be using pressure machines, they need to be experienced because it can cause damage to the walls.

For example, if you are painting wood siding, it needs to be power washed. But again wood is delicate for pressure washing, so the technician preparing the surfaces should have the knowhow. If there are gaps, they need to be filled with caulk and the siding needs to be primed using a slow-drying primer.

When you look at these things when hiring a painting company in Clarksville, TN you are sure that you will get quality work done.

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