Tips for Getting More from Your Fondant Molds

by | Jun 28, 2017 | Business, Shopping

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Do you enjoy decorating cakes and other pastries? If so, you likely have an array of fondant molds and cutters in your baking arsenal. However, you don’t have to use these molds and cutters for one purpose and one purpose only. The shapes that can be created are limitless when you use a bit of information. Learn more about how to make the most of your fondant molds and cutters here.

Loosen Up a Bit

Try to reimagine the designs and shapes that you can create by changing the molded fondant pieces. Instead of using the molds as is, consider how you can use a part or section when creating a decoration. You can also add dimension to what you create by draping a folded piece over the edge of your cookie sheet.

Combine the Use of Molds and Cutters

You can easily get double duty from your fondant molds and cutters when you combine the efforts. You can cut out various shapes from the fondant lace pieces, similar to carriages and onesies for unique designs for a baby shower cake. You can also use one of your heart cutters to trim your molded flowers.

Chill Out

You can use the fondant molds that you have for making fun ice cubes for your next party or event. You can float the thin cubes on top of your iced tea or even a martini. To add a bit of cocktail cuteness, consider freezing fruit purees or serving water that is tinted with food coloring.

As you can see, you can use fondant molds and cutters for many more purposes than what they are designed to do. Taking the time to find new ways to use these items will help you enhance your decorating abilities.

Learn more about fondant cutters and molds by visiting the N.Y. Cake website.

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