Tips For Getting The Best Price On White Sox Tickets For Chicago Games

by | Jan 23, 2014 | Shopping

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People that enjoy going to an occasional baseball game or those that attend most of the games typically find that ticket prices are constantly on the increase. This is certainly true for most of the teams in MLB including your beloved Chicago White Sox. However, even with the seemingly constant increase in prices there are some ways that you can use to get the best possible deals on White Sox tickets for Chicago games or for games on the road.

Choose Your Teams

White Sox tickets in Chicago or at any venue across the United States are going to vary based on the teams that are playing. Top teams tend to bring in the biggest crowds, limited the number of cheap tickets that are available for the game. By selecting teams that may not be as popular or as hot this season you can often get tickets significantly lower in price while still providing just as much entertainment.

Shop Online

One of the best ways to find White Sox tickets for Chicago games is to shop online. This is not only convenient but with dedicated baseball websites offering tickets to every game you will be able to compare several different websites to determine which one is the least expensive. These sites typically use ticket brokers that buy large volumes of tickets and pass on the savings.

Shop Close To Game Time

If you are going to a game against a top team, you may not have the option to wait for the last minute to pick up White Sox tickets. Chicago fans tend to buy up those games well in advance, but you may get lucky.

However, for many teams, you can shop closer to the game date and get a great deal on tickets. The key is to use a website that indicates how many tickets are left in each section and keep an eye on the counters and on the price.

Move Sections

There can be a huge difference in price between sections at any given venue. Moving a section up or sideways could save you a lot of money, and still give you an equivalent view of the field.

There are simple strategies that you can use to help reduce the cost of White Sox tickets in Chicago. Remember you can also cut costs by avoiding driving to the park or by parking and walking in rather than using stadium parking options.


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