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Tips For Effective Cannabis Production Facility Design

In addition to maximizing growth and consistency of quality, a cannabis facility must consider the growing space and the ease of operation that makes it profitable year after year.

The Critical Design Phase

During the initial stages of cannabis production facility design, top consultants build in features and provide options that allow the owner or owner group to add to the basics of the facility. This opportunity often includes ways to streamline and optimize production while also helping to reduce costs and overhead throughout the future.

Some of the benefits or advantages that can be considered during cannabis production facility design include:

  • Reduce labor costs – building automation is a simple way to reduce the number of work hours required to produce a crop. This is money that is saved year after year, while the automation system can operate effectively with just basic maintenance. Using automation that tracks data through IoT (Internet of Things), allows for precise adjustments that continue to increase productivity and quality while reducing overall costs of labor.
  • Facility layout – the entire cannabis production facility design should be optimized for logical flow. This includes where specific rooms are for production, harvesting, drying, and processing.
  • Consider compartmentalizing and reducing contamination – some of the newer production facility designs have clean-room protocols in place. This is increasingly important for producers moving into the medical marijuana industry.

Air purification systems, correct HVAC systems, LED lighting, and compliance issues are also a factor in the early production design phase of any new operation.