Tips for How to Dress for the Best Day Spa in Huntington

by | Oct 8, 2013 | Salons and Spas

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A trip to a day spa can be like a little slice of heaven to someone who works all of the time, or deals with kids 24 hours a day, 7 days out of the week. If you are thinking about visiting the Best Day Spa in Huntington, then you will need some tips on how to dress. You don’t want to go in a dress and high heels for sure, so read on to find out the best dress for a luxuriant day at the spa.

Find out if the spa gives you a robe or other form of garment when you go for the full body treatment. If you are just there to get a facial or manicure then you will probably wear your own clothes, so make sure that they are lose and comfortable.

You do need to realize that you can wear undergarments for a full treatment. If you are modest or if not wearing undergarments are against your religious beliefs, then you are more than welcome to continue to wear them. If you are still concerned that it won’t be allowed, ask your therapist when you call to set up your appointment.

Most spas, in order to maintain a clean and healthy environment, do not allow footwear inside the spa. They do however, usually provide slip on shoes or slipper socks to their users, so you will not have to go barefooted if you aren’t comfortable with being that way.

You also need to realize that some spas are coed, so you might need to wear swimwear in some areas, especially if it makes you uncomfortable.

Leave your jewelry at home. There is no need for jewelry at a day spa, and you don’t want to run the risk of something happening to it.

You can wear comfortable clothes, like yoga pants, and be right at home in a day spa, so stop worrying so much and start preparing to get away from the world. You deserve to be pampered, and treated like a queen, even if it is just for one day, before you go back to the real world. Read Blue Water Spa Blog for more information.

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