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Tips and Ways Caregivers Can Help Seniors with a Loss of Appetite

It is completely natural for people to need a little help as they age. Instead of moving into an assisted care center, many seniors are choosing home care centers because of the flexibility and benefits of aging at home offers. Caregivers home care in Philadelphia, PA, is a great option for seniors who may need a little assistance, but not enough to warrant the move to a care center. One of the most common reasons for the need of home caregivers is helping seniors with loss of appetite. Here are a few tips and ways caregivers can help seniors regain their interest in eating.

Set Mealtimes

Many seniors tend to be more accepting of meals if they know they will have them at the same time each day. Home caregivers can alert seniors of mealtimes and ensure that meals will be eaten at approximately the same time each day.

Meal Preparation

One of the most common reasons why seniors have a loss of appetite is that they struggle with meal preparations. Caregivers are available to assist seniors with preparing meals as well as escorting them to the grocery store to shop for healthy meal options. Home caregivers can also encourage them to use supplement drinks and vitamins for help in keeping up strength and nutrition.

Company During Meals

Loneliness is also often a factor for seniors having a loss of appetite. Caregivers home care in Philadelphia, PA, will take the time to sit and have meals with seniors. This can make meals an enjoyable experience while providing good conversation. When seniors are enjoying their meal, it’s generally beneficial for encouraging them to eat more.

If there isn’t an improvement in their appetite, home caregivers can encourage the seniors to talk with their doctor to help determine if there is a medical reason for the loss of appetite. For instance, a change in medications may be the cause. Home caregivers are excellent at providing companionship and encouragement to seniors who may be struggling with a range of reasons for their loss of appetite.

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