Three Ways to Save Money on Gyms in James Island Apr09


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Three Ways to Save Money on Gyms in James Island

Getting in shape and getting fit does not need to cost all that much. While gym memberships can be expensive, there are quite a few simple ways to save money on these memberships. Follow these tips to save money on gyms in James Island.

Join at the End of the Month

Those who work at gyms usually have quotas they need to fill each month. If the end of the month is approaching and an employee of the gym has not met his or her quota for the month, he or she may be willing to make a deal or offer a discount for a membership. It’s a win-win situation. The employee makes his or her quota, and you receive a discounted membership.

Get Rid of Extras

Many gyms offer childcare facilities, locker rentals, and group fitness classes. These are considered extra accommodations for their members. However, not everyone needs these accommodations. If you do not have children, there is no need for childcare. If you do not like group fitness classes, there is no need to pay for the classes. Why pay for benefits that will never be used? If this is the case, make sure to speak with staff to see if a better deal can be given. Most of the time, gyms will offer a discounted rate for those potential members who will not benefit from all of the extras that the facility offers.

Shop Slow Season

There’s no doubt about it, gym memberships are at their highest around the first of the year. This is because many people have New Year’s resolutions to get fit. The absolute worst time to shop for a new gym is in the months of January or February. This is when membership fees and rates will be dramatically increased and at their highest. Instead, shop for a new gym during off season. Off season in the gym world is typical during the mid to late summer months.

Follow these three tips to save money on Gyms in James Island. For the best year round affordable membership options, Visit Cox Barbell Club.

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