Three Signs you may need a Plumber

by | Mar 20, 2014 | Home and Garden

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There are a number of everyday plumbing issues that might be indicating you could use a professional Drain Cleaning in Queens. Here are three signs you could be in need of a plumber to provide a professional drain cleaning:

  1. Clogged Bathroom Sink: You know that when you are getting ready in the morning and you look down at your sink to see that murky water sitting there you may be in need of the drain cleaning Queens home owners use to stop annoying clogs. A clean drain will continue to drain no matter how long you leave the water running and in the case you have put the plug in the sink, as soon as you pull the stopper. A sink filled with tooth paste, shaving foam and gunky water is a sure sign you have a drain clog issue. Bathroom sinks are common areas for drain clogs due to the hair, soap film and other unpleasant materials that tend to wind up going down the drain with your daily hygiene regime.
  2. Grungy Sink: If you find when you are doing the dishes it takes forever to drain the water afterwards or when you are running the water you end up with a filled sink even though the plug is not in the drain then you need to have your drains cleaned. It is very common for food, fat and other kitchen related residue to build up in your kitchen, but a clogged kitchen sink can also mean there is trouble further down the pipes. This is a good reason to get your drains cleaned.
  3. Strange Sounds and Smells: If you notice when you are doing the laundry or are in the basement and there are strange gurgling, sucking or dripping sounds or worse, unpleasant or even soapy smells like laundry detergent you could have drain clog issues. The last thing you want is for your main sewer drains to get stopped up. Once the water has nowhere to go it will back up into your basement. This is a messy, smelly and very costly problem you want to prevent.

When you notice your drains are slow or clogging on a regular basis it is best to allow a professional to come in and clean your drains to avoid more costly issues in the future.

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