Three Reasons Why People Are Not Seeing a Dentist Regularly in Skokie Jan11


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Three Reasons Why People Are Not Seeing a Dentist Regularly in Skokie

Dental hygiene is one of the most ignored self-care practices in the world. People often think that brushing three times a day is enough to keep their mouth, teeth, and gums healthy. Yet this might not be enough and seeing a dentist on a regular visit is still a must.

Why folks are not seeing a dentist regularly despite knowing the importance of dental care?


Dentophobia or fear of a dentist is one of the known reasons why people don’t visit a dentist in Skokie and around the world. It can stem from a traumatic experience when the person involved was still young. It can be caused by a traumatic or painful experience with a dentist in the past as well.

There are treatments available for dentophobia such as behavioral techniques and medications.

Money and Time

In the US, a dental visit can cost around $75 to $400, depending on the reason for the visit. Most dental clinics are also covered by healthcare insurances. People with insurances often find it hard to squeeze dental time into their schedules while people without insurances find it hard to squeeze dental cost to their regular expenses.

They Think They Don’t Need It

When do you visit your dentist in Skokie? When you are having a toothache or gum problems? Only when you are experiencing a dental emergency?

What people don’t know is that you should visit your dentist regularly, even when you are feeling fine. Regular mouth check-ups can help prevent serious dental problems in the future.

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