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Three Reasons to Set Up a Maintenance Plan for Your Equipment in Leduc

When you have a fleet of heavy equipment to maintain, it is a good idea to work with a mechanic who specializes in heavy duty equipment repair. Not all mechanics are familiar with heavy equipment, and a specialty service will be able to tow your equipment to their repair shop if needed. Consider these three reasons to set up a maintenance plan for your company’s heavy equipment.

Maintain Warranty

Most heavy equipment manufacturers issue a warranty when you purchase the vehicle or product. In the warranty, there may be a stipulation that requires you to have the equipment services at certain intervals. If the equipment develops a fault within the warranty period, having a maintenance record could help you get the repair or replacement paid for by the manufacturer.

Increase Safety

Properly maintained heavy equipment is safer. Problems can be identified and fixed during a maintenance session. Maintaining the heavy equipment also prevents a lot of problems. Your employees and people who are on a job or construction site will all be safer when the equipment that you use is in proper working order.

Extend Lifespan

Well-cared-for equipment typically lasts longer than heavy equipment that is not maintained. For example, properly lubricating equipment ensures that metal pieces can glide rather than rubbing against each other and causing excessive wear from friction. Flushing fluids from heavy equipment keeps bits of metal and dirt out of engines. Cleaning the tires and undercarriage prevents rust from developing on the rotors or chassis of the equipment. Maintaining equipment costs less than having to prematurely replace it.

For more about heavy duty equipment repair and maintenance, contact the associates at Iron Head Zinc by phone, or visit us online at website. We can help you set up a maintenance plan that will help you keep your equipment maintained and in proper working order.

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