Three of the Most Sustainable Fish to Add to Your Diet in Santa Cruz, CA May10


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Three of the Most Sustainable Fish to Add to Your Diet in Santa Cruz, CA

Doctors recommend eating fish or seafood twice a week. The healthy fats found in fish can reduce your risk of heart disease among other health benefits. Unfortunately, the process of getting fish onto your plate can have negative impacts on the environment. However, here are three of the most sustainable species to consider when adding fish to your diet.


Bycatch is when dolphins, turtles, or other fish species get caught up in fishing nets. When this happens, they often die or sustain serious injuries. Because of their small size, fishing for anchovies results in far less bycatch than larger fish like tuna. Add anchovies to your sandwich, salad, or pizza for a tasty and easy way to add fish to your diet.

Wild-caught Salmon

Another fish with low levels of bycatch is wild-caught salmon. Because they are caught in rivers where they go to spawn, fishing for salmon keeps nets away from larger ocean animals. Try an Alaska smoked salmon sockeye filet with a baked potato, or enjoy your morning bagel with lox, a New York deli staple made from strips of cured salmon.


Unlike many other fish species that are used for food, tilapia live in fresh water and are typically raised on farms. Farming tilapia in dedicated lakes or ponds means there is no risk of bycatch or overfishing. Baked tilapia has a milder flavor than other fish dishes like Alaska smoked salmon sockeye, which makes it perfect for picky eaters.