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Three Main Advantages of Buying a Ceiling Fan at a Chicago Lighting Store

Ceiling fans are a great asset to have during the summer. They keep the average temperatures in most rooms as much as eight degrees cooler. However, rather than purchase a cheap ceiling fan at any hardware outlet, it pays to get one at a reputable lighting gallery store. Here’s why.

Expertise and Knowledge

A lighting gallery store already has the expertise of installing lighting fixtures. Therefore, it can easily install your ceiling fan as well. You’ll also receive a high-quality ceiling fan that will last at least a decade. These types of ceiling fans Chicago also have better air flow, which will help reduce your energy usage.

Recommend Right Model

The outlay of your house and ceilings will vary from other people’s homes. A lighting fixture distributor understands this dynamic and can recommend the right ceiling fan for each room. For example, if you have a high vaulted ceiling in your master bedroom, you’ll likely need a down rod mounted ceiling fan. A standard flush model is usually adequate for ceilings of average height.

Wide Selection

When you purchase ceiling fans Chicago from lighting gallery stores, you’ll enjoy a much wider variety from which to choose. Some of these models include dual motor fans, huggers, wall fans and even outdoor patio ceiling fans. Your lighting gallery store representative will help you find fans with the right look and pitch.

Because a lighting gallery store purchases ceiling fans in quantity, you’ll get a fair price on whichever ceiling fans you choose. They’ll also come with warranties, meaning you’ll receive free service if you experience any problems.

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