Three Common Types of Garage Doors Orland Park Jul02


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Three Common Types of Garage Doors Orland Park

Whether it is for a new home being built or a replacement for a current home, a garage door can be a focal point of a house. It can provide a house with a big boost in curb appeal for a modest cost. This is especially true for houses in which the garage door is front and center. Three common types of Garage Doors in Orland Park are roll up garage doors, swing up garage doors, and swing out garage doors.

Roll Up Garage Doors

One common type of garage door is the roll up garage door. Roll up garage doors are made of four or more horizontal panels of material which are hinged together and which gather into a roll when opened vertically. Materials common for this type of garage door are fiberglass, aluminum, and wood. Roll up garage doors can also be made of a single panel of steel and function in the same way.

Swing Up Garage Doors

The swing up garage door is another common type of garage door. Swing up garage doors are made of a single panel of material that swings up vertically on a track to open. When the door is in the open position, much of it juts out. This can be seen as a nuisance or disadvantage, however one benefit of this type of door is that the garage has a high open headspace.

Swing Out Garage Doors

A third common type of garage door is the swing out garage door. Swing out garage doors are made up of two panels of material which meet in the middle when in the closed position. The panels are hinged on either side of the garage opening so that they swing out and away from each other to open. This type of garage door is a good choice for extra large garage openings and is often considered to be more elegant that other garage door types.

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