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Three Challenges that Women Entrepreneurs in Exeter, NH, Face

Women entrepreneurs in Exeter, NH, face many challenges from societal expectations to nagging guilt that they’re not giving enough to their personal lives. Life coaches that work with women entrepreneurs recognize female business owners have unique struggles that their male counterparts face less often. Below are the top three challenges women business owners face and tips for overcoming them.

Not Being Taken Seriously

Often, women entrepreneurs are met with resistance from investors and even their families because their business idea is deemed a hobby or a side hustle. Women tend to have to work harder and put more effort into proving themselves. The best way to overcome the naysayers is for business-minded women to put on blinders and ignore rude unsolicited comments.

Downplaying Accomplishments

Women sometimes have trouble celebrating their wins and dismiss their accomplishments because they’ve been devalued as leaders. Society has a skewed idea of how a woman in business should act compared to their male counterparts. Overcoming this challenge requires reprogramming one’s language and feeling comfortable with taking credit for one’s success.

Work and Family Balance

Creating a successful business is hard work and many women do this while raising a family. Although many women have supportive partners, it’s often that women feel they have to divide their time between work and family more than their male partners. To overcome this challenge, women need to ask for help when they need it and realize that imbalance is also a natural part of finding eventual balance.

Women entrepreneurs in Exeter, NH, interested in life coaching to help overcome female-specific entrepreneurial challenges should contact Tressa Ryan Counseling/Coaching Services.

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