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Those Going Through Divorce Need an Understanding of Family Law in Bethlehem PA

Facing a divorce can be taxing on a person’s life, no matter the circumstances. Most people find it especially arduous if they have minor children or have been married for many years. The laws for divorce differ by state, so it is important a person fully understands the laws governing their divorce process. When individuals want to know more about Family Law in Bethlehem PA, it behooves them to hire an attorney to represent them.

In a divorce, the state of Pennsylvania allows for both fault and no-fault grounds. Most couples will choose a no-fault reason because fault reasons must be backed up with evidence. An attorney can help their client decide the best grounds to file so they can be sure their petition will be granted. Before the petition can be seen by the family law judge, it must be served on the other party in the marriage, giving them time to respond.

Whether fault or no-fault reasons are chosen for the divorce, the court can require both parties to attend at least three sessions of counseling before their divorce will be granted. If counseling is requested by either party in the marriage, the court will honor that request by continuing the divorce case until the counseling sessions have taken place.

The state of Pennsylvania is an equitable distribution state which means all property is fairly divided, regardless of fault or no-fault. Any property that was owned prior to the marriage will be kept in ownership by each party. It is vital a person is represented by an attorney so they can make sure their rights are protected in the settlement process.

Typically, Pennsylvania courts rule for sole custody of any minor children, unless one of the parent’s requests joint custody or the two parties agree to it. The court will consider the best interests of the child before any requests of either parent and will work to foster both parents being in the child’s life.

Those who are facing the end of their marriage need to be aware of Family Law in Bethlehem PA. If you are in need of legal help with your divorce, visit Thomas Conrad & Conrad and ask them for a consultation appointment.