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by | Jul 30, 2012 | Business And Finance

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Police officer badges draw different reactions from different people. The difference in reaction goes beyond the difference between the innocent citizen and the convict. It depends on the person s view of the role of police in daily life. These can vary from the police officers themselves, to different private citizens and can even vary among convicts.

Police, of course, react differently to their own badges. Most of the time another police badge means back up has arrived. Sometimes, if the officer is undercover, someone else finding his badge could mean disaster. Then, there are convenient uses. If a police officer flashes his badge, then often times the officer who just pulled him over will forgive the speeding ticket.

Private Citizens also react differently to badges. If a police officer pulls someone over, flashing his badge will often result in an instinctive nervous reaction from the culprit. Girls will often cry. Men might argue and teenagers might strike an attitude. Then again, if you are Gabriel Iglesias, then you blast the Cops theme, giving the officer a live sound track. Another common reaction to police badges is one of safety. If someone calls the police for an intruder, burglary or even if just for directions, then an officer and his badge will be a welcome sight. To them, the common police officer is a hero. Alternatively, someone naturally suspicious of authority or in favor of libertarianism might find badges, of any sort, but especially a police officer’s, as a symbol of possible oppression. There is always the lurking fear of a police state.

Naturally, there is also different criminal’s reaction to police badges. Often times, the site of a police officer’s badge a criminal will run. Although, there are some who will stop cold in there their tracks. The visual authority of badges is amazing. Then there are the extremely hardened criminals who see the officer as his number one enemy. These might react violently to a badge. Surprisingly, some criminals want to be caught by the police; these are few and far between. Arrest means he is going to jail, which means three square meals. So, badges might be considered good thing.

Depending on the relationship to and experience with the police, influence different persons’ reaction to police badges. These vary from fear to suspicion to trust to hero worship. Many factors influence this, including character, your career and your experience. There is no standard response to police officer badges,

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