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Things to Understand About Pier and Dock Building in Charlotte County FL

For do-it-yourself pier and dock building in Charlotte County FL, men and women must learn how much lumber and other supplies are required for a specific project. Otherwise, they’ll have to go back to the store for more lumber, or they’ll have far too much left over when the project is complete. Many people tend to start projects without proper preparation, as they want to get started quickly without bothering to make a plan.

Docks and Piers

Technically, the dock is the water where the boat is tied. The pier is the structure that people walk on to get to the boat. Nevertheless, only professional sailors usually are vigilant about this distinction. In general, other people refer to the structure as either a dock or pier and use the words interchangeably. The word dock also is correctly used to describe the action of parking the boat next to the pier or elsewhere.


Choosing the correct materials is crucial for pier and dock building in Charlotte County FL. Marine projects require materials that can withstand continuous exposure to water. Pressure-treated wood, composite planks, and vinyl planks are suitable. For the pilings that anchor the structure, pressure-treated wood, polymer-coated wood, concrete, and steel can be used. There are different treatment types for freshwater and saltwater structures too.


The property owners also should carefully consider any possible uses they may have for dock or pier. It might seem that the pier or dock is only a place where a boat will be moored and where fishing will be done. However, the structure might have a built-in bench or two, so bringing lawn chairs isn’t always required. The property owners also might like a less common design, such as a having a pier on either side of the dock area so people can easily get into the boat from both sides.


After completing this project with materials from a supplier like Shoreline Lumber, a certain amount of maintenance will be required. Even though the wood is pressure treated, it still should be sealed annually. If barnacles become attached, they should be removed, learn more about us online.

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