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Things To Know About Moving Services in Ottawa

If you are faced with moving significant amounts of property then moving companies offers a great way to go about it. Those who are making a move can either rely on moving services in Ottawa to do the entire job or they can make the move themselves with rented trucks. When you think seriously about what is involved it seems to point to moving companies, although it makes the job a lot easier, there are still many important things to do.

Generally speaking there are three different types of moving companies:

  • Full service
  • Self service
  • No service

Full service of course is exactly what it says, the moving company handles the entire move; the packing, loading, transfer and unloading is all done by the moving company and its personnel.

Self service is indicative of the homeowner doing everything but providing the vehicle and the driver. The homeowner takes responsibility for all the packing, loading and unloading and placement in the new home.

People who opt for no service are those that do everything including renting a truck and driving it to the destination and then returning it to the depot. Large truck rental companies have many locations so the truck can be dropped at any of them although there is usually a fee imposed.

The price to make the move depends on a number of variables. If you are hiring moving services in Ottawa for the full gamut of services there will be differences, not only in the basic rates they impose but on the amount to be moved, the number of people that will be involved in the move, the time involved as well as the distance from one place to the other. There are other variables as well; the insurance scheme you choose can cover full replacement or only repair. Full service movers are the most expensive and a move made with a rented van is the cheapest, although when you move yourself you assume all the liabilities and you have to arrange labor.

Before you hire a full service moving company find out about the company’s reputation, call the Better Business Bureau and look at the number of complaints that have been lodged against them and how the complaints were handled. Make sure you get the quote in writing and insist that there be no hidden charges on the day.