These Sounds are Telling You to Schedule Evanston AC Repairs

by | Feb 22, 2024 | Air Conditioning

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While there are several signs that you need air conditioner repair in Evanston, few of them are as noticeable as unusual AC sounds. Each type of sound is a symptom of a different problem within the cooling system. Once you learn what each sound means, you’ll be better prepared to schedule HVAC repairs.

Clicking Sounds Coming From the Compressor

The outdoor unit is called the compressor. Its motor draws in air from outside and runs it through the cooling process before sending it into your home’s air conditioner. The compressor’s motor relies on start and run capacitors. If the start capacitor begins to fail, you’ll hear a clicking sound when the motor starts up. The clicking sound will continue throughout the motor’s operation if the run capacitor is malfunctioning.

Gurgling Sound in Your Air Conditioner

If the indoor part of the cooling system starts creating gurgling sounds or a noise similar to percolating coffee, check the drain pan for flooding. This sound often indicates a blocked condensate drain line that has become blocked. You might also notice a water leak on the floor near the unit.

Squealing Noises During the Cooling Cycle

Your AC relies on a blower motor and blower fan to push cooled air into your home. A fan belt connects these two components. Over time, the belt will become worn and loose, creating the squealing noise you hear during the cooling cycle. Unless you schedule prompt air conditioner repair in Evanston, the belt will eventually break and your air conditioner will stop functioning.

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