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The Top Reasons To Use Knoxville, TN Radio Advertising

There are a lot of different options and forms of advertising available to Knoxville, TN businesses of all sizes and across all industries. When trying to decide between going high tech and using apps and online advertising or going more traditional and choosing radio advertising, there are a few distinct advantages to radio ads.

A significant consideration is the use of the radio, particularly in vehicles. In fact, according to a Nielsen Report in 2016, over 93% of people over the age of 18 turn on a radio at least once a week. Listening to the radio in a vehicle is the number one place, and this is also the reason that radio advertising works during commutes.

Live Reading of a Message

There are two types of radio ads that are possible. One is a pre-recorded, formatted, and produced spot or ad, which is costly and requires production time and production facilities.

The second option is the most cost-effective and reaches the greatest audience is live radio advertising. Having the on-air personality giving a live traffic report in the morning or evening rush hour in Knoxville, TN ensures the message is delivered to an audience that is listening and is not tuning out.

Versatile, Flexible and Changeable

The live ads used in a traffic report from an airplane flying high over the city are just short, 25-word ads. These provide the information your customers need to know in a short, succinct message that is repeated frequently, adding to a lasting impression with your target audience.

As there is no production or pre-recording needed, the business can change the message as needed, creating an endless opportunity for promotion, variety, and keeping your target audience engaged.

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