The Three Most Popular Forms of Weed in Kenmore WA Today

Interest in legalized weed in Kenmore WA has been climbing steadily ever since the relevant statutes went into effect. With so many now looking to try recreational marijuana themselves, familiarity with the various options has become a hot commodity. A quick look at some of the types of cannabis-based products which are most popular will reveal that there are plenty of possibilities to consider.

Many Ways to Responsibly Partake of Marijuana

Washington state became a pioneer of the American legalization movement in 1998 when voters approved the prescribed medical use of marijuana. The passage of Initiative 502 in 2012 added recreational usage to the menu, opening up the eyes many of those who had never personally used marijuana before.

With stores all over the area now licitly selling marijuana based products, many locals are interested in taking their first steps. Some of the most popular types of weed in Kenmore WA today include:

  • Buds – Marijuana has long been enjoyed in its essentially unaltered natural form. Flower buds harvested from female plants at just the right moment can contain large amounts of psychoactive THC. Once allowed to dry and cure, these buds can be broken up and consumed in any of many different ways. As an especially versatile and appealing form of marijuana, buds consistently rank among the best selling products.
  • Concentrates – THC only represents a small fraction of the mass of even the most potent of marijuana buds. A resin found mostly on the surface of those structures can be isolated to produce a much more concentrated type of marijuana. For hundreds of years, a distinctive looking cannabis concentrate called “hashish” was sold on the black market. Today’s concentrates range quite a bit more widely in terms of their characteristics.
  • Edibles – Marijuana can also be incorporated into foodstuffs and even beverages. When consumed in this way, THC will produce a notably different feeling of intoxication than is achieved by smoking it.

Plenty of Interesting Options to Explore

Contact us and it will be seen that there are many particular products which fall into these groups or others. With so many different ways of enjoying marijuana now being available, anyone should be able to discover some appropriate options.

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