The Strategies of a Criminal Defense Lawyer in West Palm Beach

by | Oct 26, 2016 | Law

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Criminal defense is hardly a one size fits all business. This is true even for the same crime or type of charges. In fact, criminal lawyers learn early on in their careers that the defenses to criminal charges are as different as the accused and clients. This means what an individual can expect from their criminal defense lawyer will differ based on a number of factors.

What Goes On Behind the Scenes

A lot of the strategic decisions a criminal defense lawyer will make happen behind the scenes and out of the courtroom. This might be negotiation or rejection of a plea bargain. In some instances this could mean communication with the prosecutor or motions before the court.

Whether or not a lawyer is opening communication with the other side, it is all part of the overall strategy for a case. Sometimes, closing the lines of communication guards a damaging fact or leaves the prosecutor guessing how the defense attorney plans to approach the case once in court. In other instances, it can be extremely beneficial to know more about the prosecutor’s own strategy and knowledge of the alleged crime.

Strategy of Logic and Calm

Most clients seek a lawyer hoping for a hard-nosed, defiant, tough guy who will argue emotionally and passionately before the judge or jury. In some instances this can be an effective strategy for a criminal defense lawyer in West Palm Beach, but not always. There are instances where a soft tone and intelligent dialogue will have a better effect and garner better results. Therefore, when a criminal defense attorney seems reserved or calm in court, it is likely a strategic decision, not weakness.

It Is All Unique

Ultimately, how a criminal defense lawyer approaches a case depends on the circumstances and facts underlying the accusation. These circumstances and facts, of course, are unique to each case, and therefore so will each defense strategy be unique. The most important thing is that the client understands why his or her lawyer is making certain decisions and stays informed of progress with the case.

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