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The Process Of Receiving A Bail Bonds In Fort Collins, CO

When arrested after being accused of a crime, a suspect is taken to a local jail. There, the alleged criminal will be processed, which includes interrogation, booking, mug shots and fingerprinting. The individual will then remain in jail until a set court date unless assisted by a bail bondsman. A bail bonds in Fort Collins, CO will allow the person who has been incarcerated to leave the jail and remain free until his court appearance.

Courts hold bond hearings for those who have been placed in jail. During such hearings, the court will determine the bail amount or may deny bail, depending on the crime that was committed and the defendant’s criminal history. Once bail has been set, the defendant may turn to a bondsman for help.

A bail bonds in Fort Collins, CO is an agreement between a bondsman and the court. In some cases, the court requires the full amount of bail be paid before releasing a defendant; however, some courts will accept 10 percent of the original bail amount. The bondsman will provide money, property or a bond equaling the amount of bail set by the court. In exchange, the defendant is free to leave jail and continue his daily routines.

Bondsmen generally charge an initial fee of 10 percent of the total bail amount. The bondsman will then take out a security against the defendant’s property to cover the remaining balance. If the person in need of bail has no money or property to speak of to cover a bail bonds in Fort Collins, CO, friends and family members may offer assistance.

After bailing a defendant out of jail, the bondsman is responsible for making sure he appears in court on the predetermined date. If the person who has received bail bonds in Fort Collins, CO fails to appear in court, the bondsman holds the right to hire a bounty hunter to find him. The bondsman may also bring charges of his own against the defendant in order to recover the remaining balance of the bail he provided.

Generally, as long as the defendant appears in court when he is supposed to, there will be no problems. If he fails to appear, he faces being arrested and returned to jail as well as being sought out by a bounty hunter and being sued by the bondsman for the full amount of his bail. For more information, contact us today.

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