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The Popular History Of Chicken Salad Sandwiches And Sandwich Platters

If there is one type of food that is extremely popular across many cultures, it is the sandwich. Sandwiches of all types are available and have become increasingly prevalent in a world where fast and filling is a necessary component of food. Sandwiches are also favored because they come in a wide assortment. There are varieties of sandwiches from the straight children’s favorite of peanut butter and jelly to the more elegant chicken salad sandwich. Moreover, not many foods as humble as the sandwich can be eaten by hands from the table or served as part of elegant sandwich platters.

What Are Chicken Salad Sandwiches?

Chicken salad sandwiches are part of American culture. They refer to any sandwich type that contains chicken – often leftover chicken, as the main ingredient. The other items that make up this salad tend to be all or any of the following:

• Mayonnaise
• Hard-boiled egg
• Celery
• Onion
• Pepper
• Pickles
• Mustards of many different types

However, in Europe and Asia, the ingredients to the basic chicken salad that forms the basis for chicken sandwiches that may be served individually at a deli or as part of sandwich platters, may be any type of dressing not necessarily mayonnaise. Moreover, they may be combined with such things as noodles, rice or traditional greens – instead of lettuce, to create a country’s own unique version.

Who Created the First Chicken Salad?

The Chinese can take the credit for creating the first version of Chicken Salad but not chicken salad sandwich. The concept that created the chicken salad for Chinese consumption was similar but the taste and variation was quite different. In the United States, the invention of chicken salad, and therefore chicken salad sandwiches, was Town Meats, operating in Wakefield, RI. Liam Gray, the founder of this meat market, combined some leftover chicken he had with mayonnaise, tarragon, and grapes.

The year was 1863 and Gray soon discovered he was onto something big. From that point onwards, Americans began to enjoy the taste of chicken salad. It made its presence felt in homes and at fancy functions. It adapted itself easily to various uses including appearing as part of fancy party sandwich platters at all types of events from family parties to galas.

Today, Chicken Salad and Sandwich Platters

Today, chicken salad remains very popular. While not quite the sensation it was originally, it has continued to capture the imagination and taste buds of the public. Chicken salad appears on its own and as part of party sandwich platters throughout America.

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