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The Most Common Kinds of Oral Surgery in Murfreesboro TN

Oral surgeons are dental specialists that perform a lot of procedures that general dentists do not, including extracting impacted teeth, removing wisdom teeth, installing dental implants and performing emergency procedures on the jaw bone. While they may work with general dentists, oral surgeons sometimes have their own practice, where other dentists refer their patients when they need surgical procedures. Surgeons at Ascent Dental are skilled and well-honed in the craft of dental surgery and repair

The most common reason a patient is referred for Oral Surgery in Murfreesboro TN is to remove wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars and often do not come through the gums properly, if at all. When these teeth are not able to erupt, they can cause a substantial amount of pain and swelling that affects the entire jaw. Many orthodontists refer their patients to oral surgeons to have their wisdom teeth removed before they get their braces.

Though wisdom teeth are often impacted, or stuck between the bone and the gum tissue, canines also sometimes get impacted. When a patient has impacted canine teeth, the oral surgeon sometimes chooses to watch the patient carefully over time to determine whether the tooth needs to be removed or if other measures can more effectively treat an impacted canine.

A lost tooth can impact the alignment of the other teeth and may even cause addition tooth loss over time. An effective way to prevent further damage to the bone or the loss of other teeth is to use a dental implant to replace a missing tooth. Dental implant surgery is another common Oral Surgery in Murfreesboro TN. The oral surgeon will implant the post into the bone and ensure that the post is firmly in place before fitting the tooth for a crown that will replace the original tooth and remain in place for many years.

Oral surgeons also perform emergency procedures for patients who injure their teeth or jaws in accidents. These surgeons are sometimes on the staff of hospitals and treat patients when they arrive in emergency rooms. Others, such as the surgeons with Ascent Dental, work on an appointment basis and see patients in their office.

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