The Monroe Piercing: Is it Right for You?

by | Jul 3, 2014 | Jewelry

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There are hundreds of different options to consider when you decide to get a body piercing; however, there is one style that seems to stick out more than others: the Monroe Piercing. This has been cleverly named for the late, iconic actress, Marilyn Monroe, as well as her well-known birthmark. This particular type of piercing is one of the most popular options that is available today.

There are some shops that will refer to the piercing as the Crawford, which would also be correct, since the idea behind it is to have the piercing centered over the upper lip and then to the left. Both famous ladies, Cindy Crawford and Marilyn Monroe had this birthmark that has come to be known as the true mark of beauty.

While the style has gained in popularity, there is an additional variation of this particular piercing that is commonly requested, which is referred to as the Madonna piercing, and is placed on the opposite side to the Monroe piercing. When you are actually having the piercing completed, you should ensure that you select the proper location to ensure that you receive the results you desire.

Types of Monroe Piercing Rings

If you decide to get a Monroe piercing, you will need to be sure that you select the appropriate type of jewelry, which will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also stand out and be noticed. When you initially receive the piercing, you will more than likely be fitted with a labret or a surgical stud. This will be able to be changed once the piercing is fully healed.

After Care Tips for the Monroe Piercing

Once you have had the piercing successfully completed, it will take a period of three to 10 weeks to fully heal, which will be dependent on the individual and how well they can keep their lip clean. After the piercing it is highly recommended that you eat ice to help and keep the swelling at a minimum and be sure to rinse your mouth with antibacterial mouthwash. There is some swelling that may seem unusual, but this is typically due to the actual location of the piercing.

The Monroe piercing is extremely popular, which is why they are often selected over other options that are available; after all this does represent the ultimate mark of beauty.

Monroe Piercing Rings are available in a number of different styles and looks to meet your particular needs. Check out the selection at the Body Jewelry website to find the ideal piece for your needs.

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