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The Long-Term Importance of Medical Study in the USA

Completing an MBBS program from a university that offers medical study in the USA for the PG component of training is a critical consideration for all Indian students studying abroad.

Unfortunately, many students are enticed into attending training MBBS programs at universities in countries that do not provide the equivalent of medical study in the USA. In these universities, which are located in Russia, China, Ukraine and throughout parts of Europe, the necessary clinical rotations are not offered in ACGME Approved teaching hospitals in USA, resulting in students denied access to a PG in the USA.

These types of programs do not offer the Green Book, hands-on, clinical rotations that are required. What they really offer are oberverships or externships. This distinction can be confusing to students. Basically, observerships do not allow students to work directly with patients, and they are not considered part of clinical rotations for medical study in the USA.

Clinical Rotations can be done only as part of the medical curriculum and can never be undertaken after completion of MBBS course.

Free PG

Students earning an MBBS from a university that offers ACGME Green Book clinical rotations do not have to pay for their PG. In fact, graduates completing their PG in the USA can earn over $50,000 US, which offers the option to pay for their education without extended student loan repayment terms.

The Potential for Work in the USA

Completing your PG in the USA at an approved teaching hospital is a benefit to obtaining work in the USA as a doctor. Graduates from these programs are not only eligible to work in the United States, but they may also work in Canada, India, and in many different countries around the world.

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