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The Installation of Metal Roof Skylights

Virtually any home or office can enjoy the many benefits of a skylight – even those with a metal roof. Metal roof skylights are more difficult to install than skylights for other types of roofs, but it is possible for an experienced and licensed roofing contractor. Here are some things you should know about the process.

Use of Flashing
Flashing kits help make the installation process much easier. They work in conjunction with the roofing material to create a streamlined exterior through the use of pliable pleats. The interlocking pieces create a weather-tight installation to prevent leaks and damage caused by wind, rain and other weather elements.

Metal roof skylights often come with a warranty, so in order to keep this warranty valid, you should have the installation performed by a licensed professional only. Any work a homeowner does could void it should there be issues down the line. First, an opening needs to be cut out for the skylight. The next step is to make a frame out of 2×4 pieces of wood and put the skylight on top of the frame. Another frame should be installed inside the house. Rubber window seal tape should be used around the opening to keep leaks out. Screws and caulking should also be used to properly seal the framed skylight.

Metal roof skylights can seem a little pricey to many people. It can cost several hundred dollars just to purchase the light. Installing and flashing a skylight on a regular asphalt roof can cost $500 or more. For a metal roof, the cost can be 20-30% more. So altogether, the total cost is nearly $1,000. However, with the energy you’ll save, you’ll keep more money in your wallet. It is not uncommon to save 30% on energy bills every year. With the average energy bill exceeding $1,000 a year, this means that the skylight will pay for itself in several years.

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