The Importance of Hiring an Experienced Local Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Nov01


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The Importance of Hiring an Experienced Local Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

When you first moved your loved one into a nursing home, you never suspected that he or she would ever become the victim of abuse or neglect. However, when you are sure that signs like bruises or burns clearly indicate that your relative is being mistreated, you want to have the circumstances investigated and prosecuted immediately.

It can be challenging to go up against a nursing home facility and its lawyers on your own. By hiring an experienced nursing home abuse attorney in San Antonio, relatives can pursue all legal avenues to substantiate abuse and hold the rightful party accountable.

Investigating Possible Abuse

When you retain a skilled local nursing home abuse attorney in San Antonio, you’ll be taking the first important step in finding out what is really happening. Of course, the nursing home staff will deny any responsibility for or knowledge of how or why your relative was harmed. They could be sworn to secrecy per their own non-disclosure agreements with their employer or the nursing home’s legal team.

Your relative likewise may not be forthcoming with information that could help. You need an attorney to subpoena evidence like video surveillance and eyewitness testimonies to really establish what happened.

Taking Legal Recourse

If abuse can be substantiated, your family and the victimized relative can take legal recourse against the nursing home. In addition to criminal charges being filed, your attorney might recommend that you file a lawsuit against the facility’s owner. This lawsuit could result in your family being offered a settlement, which your lawyer can thoroughly vet to ensure its validity and adequacy in light of what your family has suffered.

You can find out more about hiring a knowledgeable nursing home abuse attorney in San Antonio online. Contact the Law Office Of Jesse Hernandez for information.

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