The Desirable Skill Set for TEFL Teaching English Literature

by | Mar 4, 2013 | Education

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When you were in school, did you used to daydream and wonder what it would be like to take on the role of teacher? Well, you don’t have to sit and wonder anymore because if you get a TEFL teaching job, you can pass on your wisdom to people of all ages. There is never a shortage of TEFL teaching jobs and because these schools are set up in many exotic countries, like Brazil and China, you can explore the world as you teach. Although there are TEFL teaching jobs for science, art, health, history and ICT, English literature is the most popular subject. Are you qualified? Here’s a sneak peek at the desirable skill set for someone in this field.

Creative Thinking

Creative writing and English literature go hand-in-hand and this is why you need to have creative thinking skills when you apply for a TEFL teaching job like this. The ability to research and put your own spin on particular subjects is imperative. By thinking outside of the box you can engage your students and influence them to study harder. An example of one way in which you can express your creativity during lessons is with an oral presentation. Think about what aspects of teaching you like and use this to grasp the attention of your students.

Comfortable Communication

The communication between you and your students is the glue that holds each lesson together. TEFL teaching should be fun and unless you are confident when talking to other people you may struggle to get your point across. If a student appears to be having difficulty learning something, you should be available to answer their questions, motivate them and learn ways to teach according to their cultural requirements. Active listening is important and if conflicts arise, it is vital that you can resolve them rationally. Bear in mind that your attitude will affect the mood of your students, so try to bring a positive atmosphere to work every day.

Organizational Skills

There are many topics to cover when you find English literature jobs and to cover each topic you must organize yourself properly. Use your time wisely for TEFL teaching and try to plan some lessons at least a month in advance. Report cards should be filled out regularly so that you can monitor the progress of each student and grades should be tracked, too. When all of these skills are listed on a resume, you stand a good chance at being offered that dream job.

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