The Best Weather Conditions for Work by a Quality Roofer in Nashville Nov02


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The Best Weather Conditions for Work by a Quality Roofer in Nashville

When a homeowner contracts with a quality roofer in Nashville for reroofing or full replacement, this customer may wonder whether the contractor will work in certain conditions that are less than preferable. When the weather is sunny, not exceptionally hot or cold, and not windy, those are ideal conditions. What about other situations?

Time Frame for the Project

A quality roofer in Nashville and the roofing crew usually can finish adding a layer of shingles or doing full shingle replacement within a day or two, depending on the size of the home. A solo roofer may need three or four days, but most contractors have a crew to speed up the work. They try to begin the job on a day when conditions are forecasted to be excellent for a few days so they don’t have to stop for rain or wind.

Rain, Wind and Darkness

Roofing contractors generally will not work in rain because this can cause problems with the shingle installation. Rain causes unsafe conditions and it also can damage the wood decking underneath, which shingles are meant to protect. High wind gusts and sustained winds also can be dangerous. Roofers also typically will not work at night after sundown in an effort to complete a project quickly, because that is hazardous for the workers.

Cold Weather Problems

In a climate like that of Nashville, roofing contractors like H.E. Parmer Company work for much of the year since the winter weather tends to be mild. Below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, shingles can become brittle and may even crack or break when workers try to nail them down. Roofing glue does not adhere well in cold weather.

Hot Weather Safety Issues

In contrast, hot weather does not cause issues with the glue, but it can lead to problems with safety. The shingles are coated with asphalt, and hot sun can make that material become soft. Most people are familiar with this effect because they’ve experienced blacktop pavement softening in the summer sunshine. On a pitched roof, that softened asphalt can become slippery.

For all these reasons, homeowners can expect roofing contractors to schedule the work during dry conditions at optimum temperatures. Visit for more information on one particular contractor.

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