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The Best Fencing in Broken Arrow, OK, for Keeping Animals Out of Yards

Homeowners who are trying to figure out the best way to keep wildlife and the neighbor’s dogs out of their yard will want to contact a contractor who installs fencing in Broken Arrow, OK. Several styles of fences can accomplish this goal reasonably well, although it’s nearly impossible to stop every animal from getting into a yard.

Fences will not stop squirrels that climb onto the yard’s trees from a neighbor’s trees, for example. Determined squirrels, cats and raccoons can figure out how to climb many types of fences.

Height Considerations

Fencing in Broken Arrow, OK, must be at least 6 ft. tall if people hope to keep deer from jumping over it. Even this height may not block deer that are hungry and see food in the yard. A privacy fence would be best in this case since the animals would not be able to see what’s behind it. Privacy fences can be constructed of wood or vinyl. A metal chain-link fence might have to be 8 ft. tall, which is against regulations for fencing heights in some cities and townships.

Animals That Dig

Shorter fences work for animals that don’t jump high or climb, but many of these critters dig and burrow. Examples include chipmunks, skunks and moles. Wire fencing must be placed underground to deter them from getting in.

Finding a Contractor

Area residents can find reputable fencing contractors that offer a choice of different materials and styles, including wood, vinyl and chain-link fences. Aaron Fence Co. provides information at aaronfence.com.

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