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The Benefits of Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment

Keratin is one of the most amazing proteins that nature has to offer. The primary ingredient on this protein’s outer layer is hair. When it is used on hair through products or other types of treatment, keratin has the ability to straighten your hair and get rid of frizz. In order to determine what type of keratin formula you need to use, you will first have to determine the type of hair that you have. If you have coarse or curly hair, keratin may be the best possible option for you.

Treatment Overview

A keratin treatment is used for temporary hair straightening purposes. If your hair is unruly and frizzy, keratin has the ability to get down deep into the hair cuticles and repair the damage. This leaves you with beautifully straight and shiny hair. Keratin treatment is only temporary and has to be used continuously in order to keep the hair free from frizz on a long-term basis. Keratin is best when used on hair that is thick or curly and on hair that has been chemically-treated.

Keratin treatments have the benefit of bringing back shine and softness to your hair and keep the frizz out even when it is humid. If you have damaged your hair with heat or chemical treatments, it helps to add moisture and repair your hair. It even has the ability to seal your color cuts back on the time that it takes for you to style your hair. You can even color your hair two weeks before or two weeks after you use a keratin treatment product.

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