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The Benefits of Bike Share for Philadelphia

The world needs more bikes. Why? Because if there were more bikes, there would be less cars. Cities around the world have embraced the use of bicycles as a major mode of transportation in an effort to lessen the amount of green house gases. Bike share systems are becoming one of the main sources of public transportation around the world and Philadelphia is about to embark on their Bike Share program.

The Premise of Bike Share
Bike Share programs work as a mode of public transportation in which bike “stations” are placed throughout cities and offer free or affordable transportation for anyone game to cycling about town. Cities that offer Bike Shares include Boston, Denver and D.C. A Bike Sharing program is scheduled to hit Philly sometime in 2014.

More Bikes Means More Cyclists
Access to more bikes means the city would see more cyclists on the road. The presence e of cyclists will allow city drivers to become accustomed to sharing the road with them. Gradually the fact that cyclists are here to stay will make driving with them less difficult and watching for cyclists will slowly become second nature to drivers. The bicycle accident Attorney Philadelphia uses sees far too many cycling cases each year. Becoming accustomed to sharing the road will lessen these accidents.

Healthier Lifestyle
The availability of bicycles means that more people may consider using bikes to get around for their day to day transportation needs. In a congested city area where driving is a stressful experience, people cycling about town will be encouraged to stay more active and lessen the stresses of everyday traffic.

Crammed El
Travelling by the El can also be frustrating with more and more people cramming on them every rush hour. The availability of bikes will encourage more people who are travelling short distances every morning and afternoon to hop on a bike instead.

Tourist Attraction
The rising trend for people looking for eco-friendly vacations means there are more and more people looking for cities that offer eco-friendly options for touring. Bike shares are top of the list when it comes to finding eco-friendly transportation options and taking bike tours through U.S. cities is green option that many families will truly appreciate. For best consultation, contact The Law Offices of Joseph S. Mitchell III