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The Benefits Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney Early

Individuals who have been arrested or individuals or companies being investigated for potential criminal charges should hire a criminal defense attorney at the earliest possible time, even before charges or an indictment when possible. The right to legal representation is a foundational Constitutional right but delay in acting on this right and hiring an attorney can be very damaging. Waiting for investigators to complete their work or for law enforcement or prosecutors to act increases the risk of a negative outcome. The best opportunity for positive and successful case results requires early attention from qualified, respected defense attorneys. The Houston law firm of Hochglaube & DeBorde, PC has the experience and reputation to dramatically increase the likelihood of a positive case outcome. Results matter, and serious allegations require prompt attention from a knowledgeable legal team.

The experienced criminal defense attorneys at Hochglaube & DeBorde have the reputation and respect you or your company should demand in all areas of criminal defense from the investigation stage of a case to the post conviction stage. The lawyers at Hochglaube & DeBorde, P.C. have earned the respect of their colleagues, opponents and the judiciary alike. Law enforcement and government agents have enormous resources at their disposal. You, the people you care about and your business should have the benefit of a respected legal team at the earliest point in a case as is possible. Before hiring your legal team, please do your research. Can the lawyers you are considering for such important matters answer your questions about the procedures and what to expect? Do the lawyers seem knowledgeable about the type of case and the jurisdiction? Does the lawyer take the time to communicate with you and your team in a way that makes you feel comfortable about their understanding of your legal problem? A good lawyer should meet your expectations in these ways at a minimum.

An excellent legal team can make the difference between a lengthy prison sentence, a difficult probation or business altering convictions and charges being dropped or possibly not prosecuted. The Houston legal team at Hochglaue & DeBorde can be a valuable ally as you or your company deal with criminal investigations or worse, charges and indictments. Whether you are facing a misdemeanor or complex state or federal criminal matter, an excellent attorney is critical in achieving the best result possible.

When results matter, contact the respected criminal defense attorneys in Houston at Hochglaube & DeBorde, PC.

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