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The Beauty of a Terrazzo Floor

In the wide range of flooring materials that are available in the modern era, the terrazzo floor is still arguably among the most beautiful and the most versatile. Elegant and textured, with a light sheen, terrazzo floors bring to mind classic Greek architecture or historical palaces.

Terrazzo in History

Although it has an elegant and beautiful appearance, the origins of terrazzo actually involved more practical reasons. Many high-end Italian palaces and monuments in the past were made with expensive marble. Workers found that the amount of excess marble chips left over from the construction became wasteful especially since the material was so valuable.

To make use of the waste, workers began collecting the marble chips, binding them with clay and goat’s milk so they could make floors and finishing. The effect of combining these materials gave a very sophisticated look and it eventually became a common practice across Italy. Eventually, the art of creating a terrazzo floor spread across Europe and into the Americas.

Eye-Catching Textures

Perhaps the most distinctive quality of terrazzo is the varying texture that spreads across the entire surface. A classic terrazzo floor is typically white and grey or shades of warm brown. However, they now also come in a variety of colors from ultramarine blue to emerald green to rust red.

An option if you are interested is to combine these colors to beautiful effects, creating patterns not only of tone but also of color. In fact, you can now even opt for intricate designs and patterns with terrazzo.

Choosing Terrazzo

There are so many benefits to choosing a terrazzo floor. Because they require very little maintenance and last a long time, terrazzo floors can keep your home or business looking elegant for years to come. In addition to their unique appearance, they are also non-toxic and eco-friendly.

There are a number of different companies producing terrazzo floors in the market so you may want to consult a flooring expert to discuss your range of options. Choosing the right kind that suits your needs will ensure that your floors are beautiful, functional and durable enough to last a lifetime.